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Poland vs Saudi Arabia 2-0 | 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar | Match Highlights

Poland vs Saudi Arabia 2-0 | 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar | Match Highlights:

the imperative for everyone three points on opening day well Peter I can tell you that both managers will stress the need for a very strong start here I've also indicated a front foot approach if that is the case then I don't think we're going to be completed at the end of the unit probably end up connecting on that so it's the way we go then so Jim who would you identify as the key man in this fixture yeah the goalkeeper project Chesney Peter he's got incredible reflexes and that makes him one of the best shot Stoppers around he's also very comfortable when he's under the high ball or coming out for crosses and having just easing the pressure on that defense can can spread confidence very quickly yeah I'd have picked him to knock out the fans feel much the same way over to the left battles to win it back inside especially adventurous early on zielinsky and helps available out wide Lewandowski that's really well controlled through the middle oh he's managed to get himself offside well it seems as if the message has been issued by both managers don't concede the opener for Kovac gets it back brings it Forward move forward and quickly so it's done very well to intervene so what can they make of this Lewandowski it's a searching ball how about a shot Milik Great lead E Lewandowski foreign

uh looks a foul yeah referee's given it good strong hand by The Keeper that's a fine save well I thought a starting position was good and that helped the keeper to judge the Flight of the ball and and deal with it well well he should have done better and he knows it yeah he may have snatched it down a bit even though it was quite close zielinsky don't delicately danger averted for now appreciated by the crowd well it's not a surprise to see that these days all part of a forward's duties dressed off the ball there and it's going to be the final action of the first half so both sides have drawn blanks they have toiled at times but it's not been a bad game by any means I had a grossing off but we're still where we started Neil Mill already up and running for the second

half title game so far can that change now interest looking Ball but it's come to

nothing here's Lewandowski oh it's Lewandowski nothing but a skill there lewandowsky it's Lewandowski oh the skipper has made such an important difference to put them in the lead again but they can't afford to retreat and defend for the rest of this second half to do that would invite trouble uh whose goal is that big deflection that's one for the dubious goals panel look he's the one everyone expects to put the ball in the net that's what he's paid to do Saudi Arabia back again and here's the chance to counter Milik Kovac all through needs to be good here coming up for a throw-in showing Good Feet and he's cut it our gets a foot in here receives it in a good position two up now and they are cruising really outwitted one-on-one once more he gets the better of the keeper oh that's excellent composure because the keeper put as much pressure on as he could by not committing sooner they've started to look very comfortable well unsurprisingly Peter the opposition looked completely stunned I'm not sure they can gather themselves complete strength too strong for his opponent hi brother he's happy to keep going whipped in

now the Breakaway now it's Lewandowski cuts it out here's the shots he has done it back to within one interesting well there's always a chance of being caught like that when you surrender the football Saudi Arabia get themselves back into contention I think they've done so well to get back in it but it's important now that they don't become over eager and chasing another they only need one more chance patience is key real quick zielinsky attempts to play it through 11th of ski there's a real appetite from them to finally put this game to bed but will they click does well there alerts and here's Lewandowski he's got to be in it's a fine Challenge and it goes his way Collins can afford to settle on seeing this one out by running down the clock I think there's only one word for this it's baffling

so now we're going to get those changes we have been expecting well for me this was the obvious substitution he'd become just a little jaded and as a result of that it was most likely to make a mistake I think sometimes when the body becomes tired the brain goes with it and I think that's happened in this case and they've got it back as soon as they gave it away almost there and the players can feel it added time is up and there goes


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