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10 Best & Most helpful Websites 2022.

10 Best & Most helpful Websites 2022.

10 Best & Most helpful Websites 2022.

we ar about to check up on the ten best and most helpful we have a tendency tobsites these days from written material photos directly in your applications programme to creating it easier for others to schedule time with you those are just a few of the websites that we're going to look at hi everyone kevin here today it feels like we're in the 90s we're checking out cool websites but to be fair websites have gotten a lot more advanced since then all right let's check these out the first website is edit dot photo if you need to make quick tweaks to one of your photos this is an excellent tool to do that there's no login required and you simply drag and drop your photo in here i'll take a photo of an average looking guy to see if we can make it look better within the photo editor you have all the tools you would expect you can rotate you could flip you could crop over on the side you could also apply different filters you could adjust the brightness the contrast you can resize all the tools are over there and look at that we didn't have to make any changes to this photo because it's already perfect up in the top right hand corner you can export as a png or a jpeg you could also export as web p which is a new file format developed by google it maintains a higher quality image with less space compared to png or jpeg you can also just copy the image directly to your clipboard next up we have the website

Number one  alternative2.net
this helps you find alternatives to just about anything let's take the software photoshop as an example it's a fantastic image editor but it costs what let's see what alternatives are out there here we have this is an excellent option if you want to learn how to use check out the video up above we also have affinity photo krita

Number two  paint.net
photopia these are all excellent options and many of them are free at number three we have

Number three  calendly.com
it makes it really easy for other people to book time with you you know when you try to find a meeting time that works for everyone and you just end up going back and forth again and again yeah you don't have to do that anymore you can create a booking page here's my page you can share this url with others let's say someone wants to meet with me for 30 minutes they can click on this option and then they can choose a day and time and these days and times reflect what's available on my calendar and yes as a youtuber my calendar is pretty open why do you think i left my full-time job at microsoft my calendar did not look like this once someone books time it'll reserve that slot on your calendar you can set up different event types like a one-on-one or a group meeting there's also a really cool feature called workflows here you can set it up so it'll send a text or an email reminder to all of your attendees automatically you can also set it up so it sends thank you notes it also integrates into services like zoom webex and microsoft teams so your meeting information is automatically incorporated the basic version is completely free to use and if you're willing to pay you can get some of the more advanced functionality at number four we have

Number four  doodle.com
this is yet another service that makes scheduling meetings even easier with doodle people can vote on their favorite time in the top right hand corner let's click on create a doodle here i could type in basic information about my event on the next screen i can connect it to my calendar or here i can simply select a few times at work for me on the next screen you can set various poll settings then on the following screen i could type in my name and my email address and finally i can now share this out with others i can copy the link or i can email it out people can now come in and we can find consensus on the best time once we do that doodle will automatically send out a meeting invitation to all of our calendars at number 5 we have

Number  five. diagrams.net
and just like the name implies you can pull together things like flow charts org charts wireframes network diagrams and the list goes on and on there is no login or registration required you can use it for free on the web or you can even download a free desktop app you can start from a massive catalog of templates you can save your file to onedrive to google drive or even just on your local computer you can also work together with others on a file you have a massive catalog of shapes that you can choose from as you build out your diagram here i pulled together a sample flow chart for the kevin cookie company but please don't share this with any of our employees i don't want them to realize how little management does in the cookie making process at number six we have the website

Number  six. userbenchmark.com
and this website allows you to compare the performance of cpus gpus and even more so let's say for example that you're in the market for a new laptop from dell.com and one laptop lets you get an i5 processor or you could also choose an i7 now i'm guessing the i7 is better i mean it has a higher number and it also costs more but how much better are we talking about and is it worth that additional price here i can paste in both of those different processors into userbenchmark.com and then i can see on a percentage basis how much better the i7 is compared to the i5 and then i could decide is it worth that additional cost at number seven we have the website

Number  seven.  mentimeter.com
and this allows you to make your presentations a lot more fun and engaging by including quizzes polls and word clouds here on mentimeter.com i'll click on new presentation over on the side i can choose from many different question types i'll select multiple choice here i can type in my question i can also put down a few different options once i'm all set i can click on present and now my audience can go to mentee.com they could type in this code and as they vote for the different options we'll see the results in real time not only can you use this in your browser but mentimeter also integrates into powerpoint google slides and keynote at number eight i'll keep this one brief because it only applies to my us audience we have

Number  eight. freetaxusa.com
i've used h r block and turbotax but i like freetaxusa.com the best it's designed in a really intuitive and nice way it also handles the most complex tax situations with ease you could have rental property you could run a business you can buy and sell stock and this will handle all of those situations but best of all the federal taxes are completely free to file and state taxes are only fifteen dollars at number nine we have

Number  nine.  10minutemail.com
and this is an email address that lasts for 10 minutes let's say you sign up for a service and they want an email address you could provide your actual email address but you might also be signing up to join their mailing list and maybe you start getting a lot of spam instead you can provide a throwaway email address that's only good for 10 minutes during those 10 minutes you'll receive email in your inbox you can forward messages you can reply to messages but once those 10 minutes are up that email address is gone for good kind of like what happens to my money when i try to play poker at number 10 and this is really meta you can create your own website for free at

Number  ten. sites.google.com
and who knows maybe one day we'll feature your website on this list you can start from one of these many different templates the website editor offers intuitive tools that you can use to pull together the website of your dreams i mean look at this beautiful website


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